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Yuko Duin

(Azumano Travel Agent)

Azumano Agent Since:

June 29, 1992
First Name: Yuko
Last Name: Duin
Phone: 503-294-2000
Location: Portland, OR
Specialties: Asia, Japan

About Yuko Duin:

Traveling has always been a passion of mine. Before joining Azumano 17 years ago, I had
traveled to six countries in Europe as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali and of course my
native country Japan (my specialty). Since moving to Portland in the early 90s I have made 
trips to such diverse countries as Ladakh, India, Mexico, China, Turkey, Romania, and Hungary.

So I would love to bring my enthusiasm for travel and tremendous experience in working with you
to reach your travel goals; whether it be seeing a Sumo tournament in Japan, visiting a walled city
or castle in Transylvania, walking along the ramparts of China's Great Wall, or going on a Mediterranean cruise, I'm here to help.

Please don't hesitate to call and let me help make your travel destinations as interesting, carefree and enjoyable as possible.

Yuko Duin's Blog Posts

Welcome/Visit Japan Fare
January 04, 2010
If you're planning to visit Japan and would like to fly to other cities beyond Tokyo, I would like to introduce you to the"Welcome/Visit Japan Fare."This is exclusively offered to passengers residing outside of Japan who are connecting to/from international flights.The international ticket must be presented at check-in and proof of residence must be shown upon ticketing.The "Welcome/Visit Japan" fare is limited to one per international travel per passenger.Airfare is...
IC Train card in Japan
June 11, 2009
I recently traveled back from Japan and wanted to share this info about this unique Japanese technology.This time I only traveled around the Tokyo metropolitan area, so I didn't purchase a Japan Rail Pass which is a very populartrain pass for the travelers from overseas. (approx. $300.00 for a 7 day regular pass)I purchased a SUICA card instead. It is a rechargeable IC card valid on most trains.The Japan Rail pass is good ONLY on Japan Rail line, but this SUICA card is good for JR line as well...

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