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“Howard was the consummate travel agent from the start. He immediately picked up on concern about my daughter’s trip to a Third World country that she was taking for school and made what could have been an utter nightmare into an interesting adventure with a successful outcome. We couldn't have done it without him. I am now a firm believer that in the new age of air travel, having an excellent travel agent makes all the difference in the world.”
Phil B.

"I wanted to go on a first class trip and it was wonderful. I was very touched by the entire week and certain moments are the kind I will cherish in my heart and soul and being. You can be sure you played a significant role in making it possible."


"Everything was AMAZING! We were totally pampered and have raved and raved to all of our family and friends. I've also given your name and number to a few of our friends who will planning trips in the next year- I told them how accommodating you were, not to mention a great pleasure to work with! A good travel agent is hard to come by... you do a wonderful job and we look forward to working with you in the future!"

Heather & David W.

"Let me assure you that my experience with Azumano was VERY different than the other agencies that I called who did not return calls, were not interested in discussing alternate dates and routes and offered only retail airline prices. Mr. Lewis' positive and professional attitude and service along with Azumano's excellent pricing have prompted me to recommend Azumano Travel to all of my friends whenever the subject of our pending trip to Europe comes up in conversation. I will call Azumano Travel with confidence for all my future travel needs."

Felix K.


"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your agents.  They are so helpful to me, and it doesn’t matter which agent I get.  They are all professional, pleasant and reliable.  I realize that my company isn’t Azumano’s only account and I know they are just as busy with everyone they serve.  But the work they do for me is honestly nothing short of excellent, and I really, really appreciate it. My compliments to all of them."

Ginny M.

"I have to say that making the move to Azumano has been one of the best things we've done. I've been working with Kathy on some flights for next week and she has been so patient, helpful, kind and, once again patient. It is so great to work with a company that understands our needs and goes with the flow. So major kudos to your staff."

Pam G.

"I want to take a couple of minutes to thank you for your excellent customer service. We really appreciate your quick responses and your ongoing assistance. It makes our jobs easier when we can get our questions answered or problems resolved quickly. Thanks for your support."

Barbara F.

"You folks provide wonderful service!"

Lin W.

"I'd like to nominate Laurel for Star of the Month. Laurel helped me plan a Service Excellence dinner event in San Antonio. This was the first time I ever had to plan such an event, and I don't think I could have done it without Laurel's expertise and willingness to help. She went way above and beyond what could have been expected of her: helping me with every detail, answering my many and varied questions, and simply being a wonderful support! She aided me with the hotel accommodations, transportation, airfare, brochures of local attractions, flowers, and menus. She even helped me secure extensions when I was struck with a family emergency and couldn't meet the deadline. And, this wasn't a one-time thing. Laurel helped me over the course of many months. If I could nominate her for Star of the Year, I would! Thank you so much, Laurel, for your wonderful attitude, expert competency, and overall excellent service! You are a star!

Charlotte B.

"I use Azumano Travel fairly regularly for US domestic travel for work, and for the first time had overseas travel arrangements to make, to Calcutta, India. I have never felt to be in such good hands.

First off, your agent's top-notch professionalism was matched by her personable approach-I did not feel I was working with an "order taker" but someone taking an active interest in my travel arrangements.

She knew the ins and outs of the system that I did not know, and rightfully questioned some components of the flight itinerary I found based on available seats per Lufthansa's Internet reservations. She saved my a few hundred dollars on airfare with her suggestion for an alternate route, and got me more direct flights!

Also, she drew on personal experience to take care of my overnight stay requirements in Delhi en route to Calcutta. She had a great hotel choice in mind, which turned out to be a real winner (the Radisson Delhi). She handled my vegetarian meal request, confirming with the airline what the different special meal codes are, and she also followed up with the airline to ensure that I get an aisle seat when one comes available (doing this before taking some days off herself).

I had not booked overseas travel for work before (though I am no stranger for overseas travel), and I certainly have not traveled to India before (and by the way, I am still here on this trip), but when I was done making the arrangements through Azumano, I was excited about going, and confident that at least the travel bits were all worked out.

And from India, I can say that everything was flawlessly planned, and this is a very successful trip. I felt it on day one here, and I feel that your agent's excellence in her work helped to set the tone. I just wanted to let you know what a great person you have working for you and extend my appreciation for her help."

Stephen G.

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