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Unplug and Relax

by Dot Smay on August 02, 2011
I saw this article today and thought it would be great to share with all.  We work hard all week and in order to keep up with our busy lives we do need to uplug once in awhile. It is better for our productivity and our well being. If we can enjoy what we work so hard for we will be happier as a people and a society. 

"August 2, 2011

7 Tips for an Unplugged Weekend

Do you have a plugged-in problem? Do you work on the weekend in anticipation of a hectic schedule for the upcoming week? Spending weekends unplugged can help keep you grounded. Here are a few tricks to help you do that.

Define what unplugged means to you. First, decide what activities to stop, such as checking e-mail, messaging, social media networking, and so on.

Decide how you’ll spend your un-tethered time. For most people, changing habits is hard, so for your first unplugged weekend, develop a slate of activities so that you won’t revert to “plugging in.”

Set expectations for your availability. Being available to handle just one problem is a mistake. If you’ve consistently been “on” during the weekend, simply stop responding.

Decide what to do about loose ends. Knowing when to tie up loose ends before the weekend and when to let go temporarily of pending projects can be a challenge. Establish standard turnaround times for weekdays, holidays and weekends.

Create plans to handle emergencies. Define potential scenarios that may need immediate action, and then detail the steps that your employees or colleagues need to take in order to react appropriately.

Stop feeling anxious. One pitfall of disengaging all of Saturday and Sunday is that Monday mornings may be unusually hectic. But having to work most weekends shouldn’t mean that you have to work every weekend. Pick your times carefully.

Enjoy. Having unplugged weekends can make you more productive during the week. The break from the physical, mental and emotional effort of work can give you a fresh perspective on your work. Relax and enjoy being unplugged."

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